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Friday, October 16, 2009

How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System

Can nicotine be constituted as a drug? In my opinion, Yes! And that is simply for the reason being that it is a highly addictive substance, one which causes the brain chemicals to react and change making smokers feel drawn to it with out any resistance. Nicotine has a close relation to any other addiction being that it creates good moods and bad ones when smoking or going through a small withdrawal state.

The Process of nicotine and how long it stays in your system:

When the chemicals of nicotine enter your bloodstream, the body is sent into over drive trying to compensate for the damage being done to the body. As this process is taking place the chemical reaction causes a rapid blood flow from the heart, creating a chain reaction in which blood pressure rises and the heart rate increases causing the arteries to tighten and become narrower.

It is known that carbon monoxide in association with smoking and its effect on the body causes a decrease in the oxygen level that is carried to the blood. When all effects of nicotine and this are put together, the body becomes deprived in search of more oxygen supply for both the blood itself and cells in the body.

Once nicotine has entered the body, it is transformed and turned into a substance called cotinine. The time it actually takes for cotinine to rid itself from the body varies and can be a quicker process for those with a high metabolism.

It can usually take several days or up to a week plus for it to clear your system being that you steer clear from smoking including second hand smoking.

Is there a solution?

The obvious answer here is to completely quit smoking! That is in the best interest of your own health and well being. The best possible answer here is to drink plenty of water and or to sweat out the toxins. By doing both you can eliminate or speed up the process of traces of nicotine within your bloodstream

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why Do People Smoke?

Several findings have showed that smoking harms nearly every organ of the human body, causing a wide range of diseases. Despite the knowledge of the health consequences of cigarette smoking, still a tremendous number of people continue to smoke worldwide. Smoking is often described as been the leading avoidable cause of mortality and one of the most important modifiable causes of premature death.

Cigarette manufactures have been required to put warnings on all their packages of cigarettes to tell smokers that cigarette smoking is dangerous to health. But still people smoke. Why do they want to put something into their mouth and suck on it till addictive toxins go inside lungs and do damage? People who smoke claim that cigarettes really have a calming effect when we feel stressed. This is due to nicotine delivered from tobacco by smoking. The very rapid absorption of nicotine (nicotine takes just ten seconds to reach the brain once smoke entered the lungs) and the high blood pressure levels that result, promote rapid and strong behavioral reinforcement from smoking.

The advantages of smoking are immediate and true whereas the disadvantages are delayed and likely. The positive consequences of smoking include reduced irritability, induced relaxation, increased sense of control, sensory stimulation, and maintain group affiliation etc. Nicotine once enter the brain act as a tranquilizer thus makes the smoker experience relax though for few minutes but in fact smoking cause more stress internally. Thinking that smoking reduces stress and makes calm is really a great time waste says Mitchell.

There are many negative consequences. First cigarettes are legal drugs. Smoking is unnecessarily a waste of money. Cigarettes are the most addictive and destructive over-the-counter drug known to man. Cigarette smoking is equivocal to lung cancer. Researches have shown that depression is twice as common to people who smoke against those who do not smoke. Apart from nicotine, tobacco contains cyanide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide, all of which are harmful chemicals and are used as poison.